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Voice: I teach Bel Canto and McClosky Techniques tailored to the needs of the singer. I have over ten years of experience teaching motivated students from children to adults of all levels. The first half of a voice lesson is devoted to stretches and vocal warm-ups. I'll give you exercises and tips that will help you sing with ease throughout your range. During the remainder of the lesson, we'll bring that ease into selections (Musical Theater, Jazz, Opera, Art Song, and Pop) with respect to diction, acting, and expression. Voice lessons release tension and deepen your breath, which is useful to all public speakers. I will teach you to confidently sing and speak with your own clear, expressive, and unique voice.

Piano: I teach beginner to advanced beginner/intermediate piano lessons to children and adults. I started taking piano lessons at the age of 4 and continued study all the way through graduate school. Piano lessons start with scales and technical exercises and then I'll teach you how to play progressively more challenging songs in the musical styles that inspire you. Playing piano is an ideal foundation for learning all musical instruments including voice because it helps you develop a solid understanding of music theory, pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and phrasing.  Piano is such a good complement to voice that some students choose to study both with me in the same hour each week. My teaching approach nurtures joy in creating music above all else. 


When we first started piano lessons for our 6-year old daughter Sofia with Samantha, we only hoped our child would develop love for music. Three years later, our child captivates audiences such as family, friends, school, by playing piano with joy, confidence and passion that rivals kids with professional music aspirations! Samantha’s ability to sense the child’s way of learning and keeping her interest kept us going for yet another year and another year...And now, we bought a grand piano!!!!
— Kremena, mother of Sofia, age 9
Samantha is very “tuned” into our daughter’s interests and sensibilities and has chosen vocal songs and piano pieces that are a great match for our daughter’s personality. She knows exactly what is the right amount of pieces to work on, and at what pace. As a result of Samantha’s energetic yet patient teaching style, Sarah always looks forward to her music lessons, as well as to practicing on her own, which Samantha is excellent at monitoring. Samantha is an engaged, patient, passionate, and altogether wonderful music teacher.
— Sophie, mother of Sarah, age 10